Friday, May 4, 2012

Annie Mac

-Having trouble changing the main photo (display photo)
-Would like for it to be interactive versus simply active…perhaps I do spring for the account?
-Would like different Facebook and twitter icons.
-Need to change the logo up by the url form the Wordpress logo to mine.
- when doing Facebook posts, the wordpress logo appears when I copy and paste the URL instead of the nabbell logo. this issue is linked with the above url logo issue.
-changing the home link from boring text "nabbell" to the Nabbell logo. 

-Getting my logo image to fit correctly so that it is not cut-off anywhere.
-I am worried about whether I am using the correct host for what I want the website to offer. 
-It is in a blog host…but it is not a personal blog, is that okay? I want people to be able to share photos and videos on my website with forum ability. 
-I have to provide all the content to start, as I am aware, and quite possibly will continue to provide unless girls really start kicking things off and getting edits in. -image wise: I want the website to be very simple and I’m afraid Word press is going to just slam with weird fees whenever I want will be working on the thumbnail image for nabbell today in photoshop.
-I can’t figure out how to download the Alba font from my hard drive and I just did it 2 weeks ago. Ugh. I ended up wanting to play around with the color or the logo and can’t make any headway.

It is definitely a work in progress but I love where it has started at. It is great! 

I love what I have accomplished in this class. It has been great, thank you, Chris, for dealing with all my questions!

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