Friday, May 4, 2012

Problem Solving Log

     My website is a informational and promotional site for my creative communication studio, Mhmm. We hope to reach old and new viewers, old and new clients, and anyone else that is interesting in seeing our attempt at promotional communication through outlets of digital motion pictures, photography, and design. On our site we have a home page that plays our most recent creative work, as well as a works page that contains all of our complete works, about page and a contact page.  Opposite of the navigation bar are three social media widgets. One links to our Vimeo, one links to our Facebook and one links to our Twitter.

      While developing my website in Dreamweaver, I ran into a handful of issues.  First issue was sizing. I did not want the page to scroll so I had to figure out a gerneric frame size that would fit most computer screens used by our viewers.
The same frame was maintained on all pages containing the logo header, a frame of 700x394 and a footer containing our nav bar and social media widgets.
     The biggest issue I had with the footer was I could not get the nav bar and the social media widgets to     sit on the same plain with each staying to their respective sides. I would have the nav bar below and all the way to the left of the 700x394 frame and the widgest below and all the way to the right of the frame. But everytime the widgets would just appear on a line below the nav bar.

To fix this I had to take each separate <div> (the nav bar <div> and the social media <div>) Place them within one container <div> that measured the width of the over all frame. I then had to take the nav bar <div> and size the width to 50% of the overall container size. I think had to set a float left. Opposite of the nav bar <div>, I took the social media <div>, set the width of the overall container size and applied a float right. It still was a little uneven, but I Sized down my social media widgets until it layed on the same line as the nav bar.

    The other big issue I had was once I took my final code and tried to host it on our domain site, two of the three social widgets failed to show up on all for pages (home, works, about, contact)
The solution was I had to change the permissions on two of the the three widgets from 600 to 744.

Another problem I ran into was trying to host all of our works from vimeo, on our works page, without changing the consistent frame

To solve this issue, I actually just went to and then clicked on 'Tools' in the navbar. Within tools, there are options for embedded widgets that play vimeo hosted videos on your site.
There is a hubnut option (which i used with slideshow capabilities) and a badge option, which displays a montage of all of your recent vimeo hosted videos.