Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Granelli- Completed page and problem log.!home|mainPage

My design is a mockup self promotional website that is a test for future ideas. The WIX website builder is a useful tool in creating a modern looking webpage that did not come with many problems. The main problem that I have encountered thus far is having separate background images on each page of your website. I'd like to use separate images in order to show a multitude of examples that promote the concept or idea. I ended up just using a dark background and stretching pictures to fill the background, I would have liked more flexibility within this area but the WIX features are somewhat limited.

Problem Log

1. Problem: Having separate background images through WIX

Solutions: You can create a website based entirely of "Master" pages. Create a new website in Wix for every page of your website. Instead of using the menu bar, you can use "Text Buttons" arranged in a menu style to link between pages easily.

2. Problem: Multiple master pages lead to increased load time between pages.
Here is an example,
The link "Gallery" runs much smoother between pages
3. Webpage sizing- The builder view shrinks actual webpage size. Published webpage appears larger and requires scrolling to view.
The website looks decent in the builder view but the size of everything seems to increase when viewing the actual webpage.
Solution- Trial and Error. Try to make everything smaller and allow for a even border around the page layout. WIX doesn’t have a good way of showing rulers or any sizing information in the builder. The gridlines available are for a much more generic page layout with a column on the left for link, a body area, and a header.
Lastly- It seems necessary to be very careful in the choice/size/and layout of the texts I use. Some pages are visually non uniform and this takes away from the aesthetic side of the website.
4. Centering images and text on webpage. Wix doesn’t provide a way to center anything on the webpage. It’s entirely based off your own judgement and therefore leaves room for error. I simply tried to line up the pages equally but there is no way to know for sure if anything is centered.

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