Friday, May 4, 2012

Spencers Problem Log

Spencer Reeves  Log

1)      Getting Started.  Looking into Dreamweaver and how to export images out of Photoshop

Splicing images and exporting using Photoshop:

Basic Dreamweaver Tutorial:

2)      I wanted to overlap images on my home page without importing a Jpg where it was already done. Matt wrote the code below. Not only does it allow images to be over lapped it also allows images to be brought forward when the cursor hovers over them. The z-index tag is what positions images on top of each other.

.joker {

                                position: absolute;



                                z-index: 6;


.joker: hover{

                z-index: 13


3)      On the left side of my home page there is a black box with text inside it. I was unable to move my text off the edge of the box. I wanted to put a margin on all sides.

Solution: instead of trying to adjust the margin, positioning, etc of the text area I set a margin on the Sidebox div. doing this I was able to move the text off the edge.

4)      I had a lot of problems with code not working the way it should or at all.

Solution: Check your code make sure every . , { ( is in the right place.

5)      How to insert picture into my website in a smooth seamless way. I wanted to be able to disply work without having to insert 20 pictures in a grid.

Solution: created a account. With the account you can upload photos, move them into sets and embed the sets directly into your webpage.

Beware of the Houdini div. !!!

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