Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Allison McCulloch

Hi everyone, my name is Allison McCulloch (muh-kuh-luck) and I'm a senior at SNC. I am a global business major hoping to pursue a career in marketing or personal relations. I'm currently working at Redemption Sports, the new-ish ski and snowboard shop here in Incline. We are currently working on building a website for the store so it will be interesting to see what I can take from this class and apply to my work life. 

Like most people who live up here, I like to spend my time snowboarding and adventuring around the lake. I'm starting to develop a real itch to travel and if you catch me spacing out I am probably day dreaming of snowboarding in New Zealand, learning to surf in Bali, or eating tapas and sipping wine in Spain. I love to cook, read the news (I'm an old lady I know) and have spent an extensive amount of mornings trying every bloody mary I can possibly find around the lake. Because of my love for food, travel, and everything awesome and random that can be found on the internet,  the website I have chosen to share with you all is Stumbleupon . This site has led me to some of the best recipes, quotes, inspiring photos, poems, work out regimens, and random sh*t ever so I hope you guys enjoy! 

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