Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Claire Bagg

My name is Claire Bagg. I originally started school in Santa Barbara, received 3 Associate Degrees in Art with photography emphasis, Art with graphic design emphasis and Arts & Humanities. I came to Tahoe a year ago to be in the snow and fell in love with the idea of SNC and the work that comes out of the art department. I have attended SNC for a semester now (this being my second) & have another exciting year ahead of me.

My sister is actually a Graphic Design major at USF and she loves sharing different interesting links and websites with me and one of my favorite was the link below for a company that actually specializes in digital communication through offering website making services for their customers, along with an array of other marketing services. 

Another humorous site, with no real purpose other than to make people laugh is the link below. 

& here is the youtube clip asked to be posted by me as clip of the week...I chose this because I feel it best shows the difference between commercials/advertisements then and now.

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