Wednesday, January 22, 2014


              My name is Katelyn Jensen, but i usually go by Katie.  I am an interdisciplinary major studying digital arts and business management.  i love to paint and draw, but i have recently found a passion in video editing and hope to keep progressing in this field, so i can someday have a professional career in creating film.  for now, i  wear a ridiculous uniform as a cocktail waitress at Caliente in KB.  I have worked in the food service industry ever since i became old enough to legally receive a paycheck (7 years...?).  when i received my first tips ever at the end of my shift, i was hooked (even though it was about 15 dollars for the whole day).  I do okay at my job now, but i am sure many of you know how deeply frustrating it can be dealing with the public at times.  Therefore, i like to visit this website   This site is a blog that anyone can view or add to.  it is all about funny/extremely frustrating or sometimes happy experiences that servers face on a day to day basis during their shifts. this page is entertaining. it is also extremely easy to relate to some of the almost humorous but horrible experiences most servers go through, hence the reason i am getting a college degree.  I'm over working nights with guacamole all over my shirt and ready to make money doing what i love!

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