Thursday, January 30, 2014

For Next Class – Tuesday, 2/4

We'll be making a series of connected web pages next class. We'l be working on the html pages in class itself, but I'd like you all to have content for the pages (the text, images, and one absolute link) ready to be integrated into your page.

That means having:

1. A paragraph or two relating in some way to your linked word (this could be text that you write, or text taken from other sources – thought if you do take it from other sources, I'll want you to attribute it).

2. An image or images related to your text.

3. An idea for an absolute link - that will will link out from either some text or one of your images – that will take people to an external website, related in some way to that linked text or image. So – for example, if the word you picked was "city," think of a couple paragraphs related to that word (maybe it's a history of the first human city, maybe it's a personal reflection about a city you visited, maybe it's your opinion of one of the worst songs ever recorded, "We Built This City on Rock n Roll"). Assemble or write the text in word or text edit. The gather some images that relate to that text. And lastly, decide where you'll link out to.

 For example, if your text related to the city of Paris, perhaps you'd link to a Paris tourism website. In Tuesday's class, you'll be putting all those pieces together in a web page titled city.html.

Here's a list of the words:

Claire: Watch
Keifer: City
Daniel: Telephone
Joe: Handkerchief
Sierra: Key
Forest: Transmitter
Katie: Train
Sean: American
Felix: Courage
Jake: Suburb
Ted: Pockets
Allison: Chain
Eric: Revolver

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