Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Problem Log

Erratic Nomad

Things to Improve Blog:
- Content, content, CONTENT!
     - From previous experiences
     - From places you would find unlikely
     - Brainstom ideas for places your going to go
- Integrate interactive map into destinations page
- Brainstorm interesting people to interview
- How to utilizies social media
- Finish other pages (About me, etc.)

For the week of 3/30:
- I figured out how to customize google map with pins and link pins to certain articles...
- Catch up on content (st rosa ck, daryl tettimen)
- Infographic

- Posted review of Amazigh Hostel
     - Had problem with image place...figured out!
- Researched travel infographics
- Creating infographic on travel tips for backpackers
- Finish personal experience
- Inserted image into sidebar
- Fixed images in text blog post

- Interview Post: Aaron
     - Q/A Content
     - Emailed to ask for pictures to use in article
     - In process of getting more content from website
- Personal Experience Blog post
     - Waiting to recieve more info

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