Monday, April 27, 2015

Final Stretch – Website Expectations

Here's the list of everyone's sites, and what has to be done to them to get an A. To get an A, all the bullets should be completed by our final  – if the bullet that's shown in red is not completed but all the ones in black are completed by then, you'll get a B for your website.


  • Create a Meditation Video
  • Write two additional blog posts


  • One blog post reviewing/summarizing an AWP panel presentation
  • One blog post with a more personal take on AWP adventures
  • Transcribe the best hits of the Bob interview, embed or link the audio
  • Create a voice-over video media critique


  • Create an overview (writing and pictures) of the May 2nd event
  • Have bios and pics for the members
  • Flesh out the mission statement
  • On the homepage, post a 1 or 2 sentence overview of who the Mountain Kings are, and what they intend to do
  • Write a more personal, conversational post about the "origin story" of the Mountain Kings – how they came to be


  • Edit galleries down to the best dozen or so shots
  • Create "Film" Gallery
  • Create "Event" gallery, with a paragraph about your event photos
  • Flesh out the contact section
  • Link out to Flickr
  • Create a snowboard edit to start a "video" section
  • Experiment with establishing an "professional" instagram account


  • Edit galleries down to the best dozen or so shots
  • Finish the header so it feels more like an illustration, less like just another photo
  • Fix the spacing around the header
  • Use a different photo for the "About" section, word that section more confidently
  • Create a skate video that uses time lapses, lighting, composition to stand out from a typical "trick-oriented" skate video


  • Create the content that will fill my "City Guides" Page (pick three from the below list)
    • Central Coast (Morro Bay, Cayucos, Los Osos, and Cambria)
    • San Luis Obispo
    • North Lake Tahoe (Tahoe City, Incline Village, Kings Beach)
    • Truckee
    • Avila Beach
    • Dunsmir 
    • Ashland
    • Big Sur
    • Etc. (Aljezur, Portugal?)
  • Create content for "About" page
  • Create content for blog page
  • Create custom google map for map page with all the locations I've been to
  • Create Logo
  • Namecheap web hosting


  • Finish the two in-process posts – on the 22B STI and the Tundra interview
  • Create two posts getting into Street Car content
  • On all the existing posts, add a paragraph that gives the articles more of a personal voice - what the cars or highway have meant to you, so we feel like we're seeing things through your eyes.


  • Finish article on Cal Poly Trip
  • Get head shots and short bios of members
  • Lay out the tournaments and results info more attractively
  • Make one more video - this one with on-the-spot "interviews" or reactions
  • Do a post that's a more in-depth "portrait of a team member," built off an interview


  • Add a blog to the site. and add three posts, of the following type:
  • A photo-essay of a trip, with 7-10 photos and writing about the trip
  • A sort of "gear review" covering your reactions to your new camera
  • A "process post" stepping though your techniques and thought process in editing an iage into its final form.


  • Host your site
  • Integrate the commerce section of your site

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