Monday, April 6, 2015

Web Progress Update

By this week, if you're running a blog, you should have at least 4 blog posts up, of the following types:

1. An "Original Content" post:
Writing and pictures and/or videos documenting a personal experience, OR

2. A Commentary/opinion post:
What’s going on in the field? OR
Repurposing and recontextualizing other content (giving attribution, linking to sources, and not poaching too much) OR
Reviews (books, films, products, etc)

3. A Commentary/opinion post:
Interview format

4. A Repeatable “gimmick” formats –
Come up with a gimmick...

For this week, I want you to add:

#5. Personal experience/How To (if you did Personal experience before, do a "How To" this time - and vice-versa).

#6. Repurposing something current, with commentary  - what's something newsworthy that you can comment on?

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