Monday, April 6, 2015

Henry's Updates for

-Organization is new, content is extremely limited

Content Creation-

-Bios/Pics for Board of Directors (Get on May 2nd plus additional photography, group photo etc)
-In depth description of organization and what they do (Need to Revise)
-Build Social Media: Instagram, Flickr etc. (Organizational, need team planning meeting to see who will handle what)
-Facebook (I will be admin along with Bret, everyone else is an editor.)

-Stream to Social Media (Upcoming events, general member activity, motivational, informational) (Again team planning meeting)
-Resources Links (All links working and up to date, others? Where are our boundaries on resources? Who do we want to promote and will promote us in return?)
-Blog Page (Build history of organization, past events, current events in targeted demographic, reactions to events/issues) (Team voted yes. Personal Blog for each member?)-Documentation of Events (Running history?) (Currently members only, public blog?)

-Mobile site?

Mainpage for Mission
-In Depth Explanation of organization
Subpage for BoD Bios
-Need short two to three sentences long bios

Main Page for Upcoming
-Social Media Links, Photos, Description of 5 W’s
Subpage for Past
-Social Media Links, Photos, Description of 5 W’s

Up to date, until further revisions proposed.

-Update contact info, add Social Media Links

Members Only
-Password Protected.
-Content for members
-Personal Blogs, for Grizzly right now, others to follow.
-All club documents under here.
-Non-profit documents somewhere?

Social Media Links:
Facebook Page Started (Henry)
What else?


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