Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Assignment for Tuesday (3/22)

Hi all – my apologies for not being in class today – I will be there on Thursday.

One note - you all did well on the midterm, congrats. I'll send the corrected versions to you later this week.

For today, I want you to work on two things:, which are due at the start of Thursday's class

1. For your websites, make sure you have your landing page completed – all text, navigation and images should be in place (you can still have some "placeholder" images that you're intending to replace with the "real" ones, but they should give a sense of what your "real" images should look like). Also, I want you to have one "second level" page built out in at least a draft form. This could be an "about us" page, or a secondary gallery page (say, "portrait photography."

WE ARE GOING TO BE LOOKING AT EVERYONE'S HOME PAGE, AND ONE SECOND-LEVEL PAGE, AT THE START OF THURSDAY'S CLASS, so we can get feedback - so we have to have something solid to respond to.

2. On this website, write a brief post that will be a start of your "problem log," detailing the sorts of things you've figured out at this point. Nick, for example, has figured out how to get into the CSS of his wordpress site, and adjust stylings in the header. For Arno and Octavio, they stated to use one bootstrap template, but then abandoned it for another, because the first one seemed to be too easy to "break" when they customized it.Your "problem log" will be a blog post that you add to as you work on your site, developing a list of all the obstacles you overcame, and how you over came them (with links to helpful references and tutorials sprinkled through them). It will work as a sort of database for the class - and for yourselves, so you don't have to re-fix any problems you fixed once. Give the blog title you name, with a colon, and POBLEM LOG, like so: JOHN SMITH: PROBLEM LOG. and give the post the "tag" "log" se we can sort through all of them easily.

Looking forward to seeing where your sites are at. I also wanted to pass along an opportunity that just crossed my desk - if you're interested in coding, the re is a local resource, Elevate Blue, that if offering coding bootcamps in Tahoe, and you can get SNC credit for the classes. There's a presentation they're making on campus this Thursday at 6:30 - I'd highly recommend checking out (especially Octavio). Here is there press release:

Whether you're an artist or an entrepreneur, many of the best and biggest ideas in the world today rest on a technical foundation and live in a virtual environment. Code is the building material for virtual products and ideas. Knowing how to write code means you can finally create that exciting new app you've been imagining. 
Come to an info session on how you can learn to code by attending short, intense workshops taught by some of the best in the field. The info session will take place on the SNC campus on Thursday, March 24 at 6:30 pm in TCES 106. These workshops are offered as part of the Code Tahoe Academy, the next big idea from Elevate Blue.
Cost for the classes varies based on length. Students who attend the information session will receive a substantial discount. Successfully completed classes can be transferred in for course credit.  Click here for more information: http://www.codetahoe.com )

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