Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meg's Problem Log

Meghan Herbst - Portfolio Site

To Do List:

  • Update site with Moonshine Ink, Tahoe Housing Timeline 
    • Moonshine Ink, Out of Reach
    • Tahoe Quarterly, Real Estate Snapshot
    • Eagle's Eye Houseless in Tahoe
  • Incorporate data visualizations, Google Fusion tables
  • Develop the blog portion, behind the scenes stuff
Problem Log:
Created new headers for "Published Work" and "About Me" pages, attempting to resize to fit width of website. Found I was able to tinker with position, but resized in Photoshop to several magnitudes lower, with no change on the website. 
Moved all stories from static "Published Work" page to blog-style "Published Work" page and deleted the former. 

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