Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nick Problems


The to-do list:

Homepage - different photo treatment
Less open space in header area
Journalism section - start with strongest pieces
Marketing section - make it Marketing and Multimedia , talk about sports webcasting
Fix illustration work, explain what logos were for
Include Resume and CV in Contact (also in navigation)

Mostly all the issues I've run into when developing my site have to do with the css customization feature within the wordpress website builder.

Looking through the source code is cumbersome.  Once reviewing div code, it's hard to find what css classes or attributes are manipulating the specific thing I'm trying to customize.  If i found the class or code I wish to customize, then its guessing and hoping I'm placing the correct syntax in the css field.   So, it's three very time consuming tasks to just manipulate one thing, like the header image size.

I tried placing or using a FTP patch to my websites source code into dreamweaver.  This lead me to find out that because I purchased my domain (server space) from wordpress.com, the ability to use dreamweaver is impossible.  If I purchased a domain from a different server space company and downloaded the wordpress hard drive software along with a wordpress template, then I could have uploaded wordpress plugins, widgets and templates into dreamweaver.  I'm trapped in the the wordpress online website builder for now.

Because of this entrapment, I've decided to find a template as close to as perfect to limit the amount of css customization I'll be doing.  I tested many templates to get to the best one I am now using.

Within the template, few problems have hindered me.  Minor things such as linking errors, and bad image sizing has been easily fixed using theme and page customization tools.  There is one thing I haven't figured out yet, and that's the immediate stretch of the header image of my site.  I choose to set the full image and when previewed there is always a stretch.  I think I'm going to have to play with css to fix this one.  I'll let you know how it goes!

Otherwise, I feel like I become quicker and more comfortable with wordpress everyday.


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