Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meg's Problem Log, 3/31

Problem Log: Portfolio Website

March 31, 2016
Updated published work page with all new publications.
Need to revise bottom of home page with “Latest Work” options. Possibly make it update as I post on the blog automatically?
 Solution: Can’t find a tool that auto-populates, did find a larger carousel that I thought had the ability, paid 12 dollars, no luck. Looks like I have to update it myself.
Look for examples of journalist blogs.
Blog of investigative journalist
Blog posts by Atlantic reporters, tagline is “First thoughts, running arguments, stories in progress”
A whole list of blogs created by journos
“100 best blogs for journalists”
Commentary or rehash of news topics
Updates on research or interviews
Tahoe-related news topics
Pop culture etc.
Upcoming stories
New techniques
Data visualizations or blogs about how I’m using data

Problem: Tried to figure out if old blog was alright to link out to, or if it was too unprofessional/inconsistent with the other site.
Solution: Got feedback and confirmed my suspicion that it was sending a different message. Should start fresh and stay on the same platform.

Problem for next class: Change background of blog page only to black or dark grey.

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