Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Problem log

Tweak with homepage images
Solve commerce issues for Chilean pesos
Build out some blog posts
Refresh events page for Chilean events

We had problems with google embedded application on our website. We wanted to put the address of our shop which is located in Chile, for this we look in pages and obtain a google "key" which was of no use for this. What we did was open google map, location, then we go to the left side of the screen to the "share" button and click on Embed map which gives us the code to put on the website.

We transfer our worked to a new platform as Bootstrap was complicating us. Some webpages we looked into were Weebly, Prestashop, Squarespace, Wix, Magento and finally Shopily which we are currently using. It works with our e-commerce page and we can edit it far beyond what other platforms are capable of.

Today our main problem was to edit our logo and brand name using photoshop. The main problem was that the template has predetermined setting of its margins so if we made it bigger it would after the entirety of the page.

We tried various word templates until we found one that can be used "snow" from DaFont. This became the font for "Piren Boardshop"

We modified our home page photos by using photoshop to crop and resize them. Tried add the location google map into our page. We decided it was better to have it on the bottom of our page and resized it several time until we were satisfy with the look. We also started looking into how to create a cart for our buyers to get the products and pay off in Chilean Peso. So far we have found apps inside shopify that might allow this but we are still on the process of figuring it out.

Later on the day we figured out which paying platform we would be using, for this we go to settings and then payment. Then we click on "2checkout" which is available in Chile and created an account and activated the demo version. Our only problem would actually pay money to activate our account so we can test it out.

Today we had no problems, we did add more contents to the blog and products such as snowboard boots.

Today our trial ended and it closed the possibility to keep editing without paying. We bought the basic plan for 30 USD and after this we "open" the shop for everyone and tested the "cart. Arno bought a pair of skis with a "coupon" which we created and gave him a 10% discount saving him money and simulated a purchased.

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