Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Annie Mac: website

This summer I was working 60-hour weeks in Martha's Vineyard, MA. It was my day off and all I wanted to do was watch some snowboard edits with girls riding in them. I did not find anything actually worth watching. I enjoy watching snowboard videos and edits but as a girl, I can physically relate better to how a girl's body moves while she is snowboarding. My search turned up nothing worthwhile. The website I will create is going to change this.

I'd like it to follow the design of Newschoolers.

Having to choose some others, I'd say:

Transworld Snowboarding, although they were a huge let down as far as female riding goes. The site itself is aesthetically pleasing, more so than Newschoolers.

Lipstick-productions, which is a site consisting of some European female riders. This is the production company that has the only well-edited video of all-female cast of riders. It's called 5 More Minutes Please?!

You Tube's home page after you've logged in is great, listing your interests, subscriptions, and recently viewed videos.

My Yoga Online, so easy to use.

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