Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Web Design Project - Alex Granelli

I plan on creating a simple website with a very specific theme that will host videos and pictures of various local sports/athletes. The site is merely for personal interest and having the ability to share content with anyone interested. My audience is made up of people mainly in my peer group, although anyone who is interested in the sports will be included as well. The site is simple and will not have much more than pictures and video. Each athlete may have a short bio, but there will not be much text. I believe the majority of the work will be in creating a sleek and complementing theme which goes well with the pictures and video.

Here are five sites which have similar themes:

1. Redbull- Adam Raga

2. Julien Dupont

3. DC- Ken Block

4. Abdo Feghali

5. David Knight

I would like to use styling elements that are similar to those represented above.

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