Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Favored Web Designs

The main goal of this class is for me to create a website for self promotion. I have one currently built at that was useful for promoting me for snowboarding to my sponsors.
I would like to build a blog that holds many features within it. Also, I would like to shift the direction of my website from a snowboarding focus, to a website that promotes me in all aspects. As of recently I have been filming an producing lots of video that I would like to promote on my site.
I would like the homepage to act as a blog with many other tabs that include: Micro-Blog, Videos, Pictures, Bio, Snowboarding, and Resume. Something special I would like is for my Micro-Blog is to be able to update it while mobile(such as on my phone).

These are some examples of some website that I would like for mine to look like.

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