Thursday, February 23, 2012

Assignment for Tuesday (2/28)

At the beginning of class Tuesday, one photoshopped design for your homepage is due.

In addition, download the a case study on copyright and fair use here. We'll be discussing the case study next class. It's about intellectual property rights, particularly in light of digital media and the internet as a distribution system.

For this class, you won't be answering all the questions at the end of the case study, just Part 1. A and Part 2. A, the questions below. Write your answers and have a printed out version to hand in to me during the class.

A. Explain how your solution defines/ interprets “transformative”? What is the intention of this language? Where is the line between “sufficiently” transformative and “not” transformative? Consider the social benefits and costs of your solution

A. Lay out how, in your solution, the proposed language modification would work in practice? Who will determine “transformative”? Would a new office be assigned this task or can it be absorbed into current duties? What would it allow in terms of creativity? How would artists, record label companies and music publishers be guaranteed satisfactory compensation? How would artists, individuals and groups get access to material?

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