Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One website design I like very much is from statebicycle.com

1) I like how basic and easy the homepage is to navigate around, yet it still looks very clean and professional
2) The all white background makes everything else seem to pop out of the page since all the boxes are black with white text, they complement each other very well
3) There also seems to be no wasted space, whenever the content ends, the page stops, there is no unnecessary white space.
4) Another main content I like is that there is hardly any text throughout the site unless it is needed, it is basically just pictures of their products, again keeping it simple and easy to navigate but in a very successful way.
5) Also, whatever header you click on in the navigation bar pops up bigger at the top of the page when you click on that so you never feel lost and know what content you are looking at or where on the site you are at, and it is very easy to get back to the home page or search exactly what you are looking for without having to click multiple links or drop menus to finally get to what you are looking for.

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