Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my website

  In lieu of the normal curriculum for DART 305, I wish to continue development of This website is the face of the LAN gaming event, Emerald City LAN (ECL), in Seattle, WA, and is in desperate need of a face lift.

  The website is a project of mine that I am doing for my brother and his friends, whom are the heads of the ECL event. While the backend of the website does everything as requested, the theme leaves something to be desired. Given time and tutelage, an attractive theme can be created, which will benefit the event (as an attractive package would benefit any product).

  Over the period of the semester, I am hoping to learn web design practices and how the size, placement and boldness of elements affect the overall layout and usability of a site. Ultimately, possessing this knowledge will aid ECL and any other websites I may work on in the future.

  While there are not many large LAN events, a few similar sites are:

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